Dambanang Kawayan T-shirt

26 Mar

Mga Kababayan,

It is indeed a privilege to send you the image of the magnificent “Dambanang Kawayan”, Morong’s winning entry for the nationwide Lady’s Choice 2006 Christmasterpiece Contest. At the request of many Moronguenos, this image is being imprinted on T-shirts for sale to serve as a souvenir. Official launching of these T-shirts will be at the Morong Balikbayan Assn.’s 10th Anniversary Celebration to be held on April 1, 2007, at the Balikbayan Park.

Advance orders are being taken now in order to determine the approximate quantity that will be produced. The T-shirts are P450.00 each (sizes are medium, large, XLarge), with a free CD of the winning entry. If you wish to purchase these T-shirts, please email Jason Corbilla at jason_corbilla@yahoo.com.ph. You may also request your friends or relatives to purchase them for you in Morong, or through another balikbayan you know is visiting. While supplies last.

I hope that you will take advantage of purchasing one of these T-shirts as a memento of the accomplishments of our young people who worked diligently, creatively and wholeheartedly, and as a tribute to Morong and its people who earned the recognition that was aspired for by each and everyone of the 128 other participating towns in the Philippines. Proceeds will go to a cultural initiative that is currently being considered.

Thank you for your support of this beautiful creation – too historic to wear, but a real pride to own.

God bless,


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