Kimberly Roan, Scholar of UK Based ACES Charity

24 Apr

RSG learned that a UK based organization awarded their first scholarship to San Guillermo Elementary and Morong High graduate Kimberly Roan. She’s the daughter of Rolando and Bay Roan from Agas-as. Here’s what ACES Charity is saying about her:

Our first ACES Scholar is 16 year old Kimberly. Her determination, intelligence and attitude shone through as she answered all our questions confidently and in perfect English (her second language of course). She is now applying for a place to study nursing at university – this place will be fully funded by ACES. Kimberly is the third of six children with ages between 20 and 12. Her father works as a rice farmer. Her eldest sister is due to complete a degree in Anthropology this year, her eldest brother is currently at college sudying business. Kimberly regularly features in the top few students in her class, and has done so since she started primary education in 1997. She has been singled out at Morong National High School for her abilities in essay writing.

According to the website, Kimberly will regularly post essays on her university journey. Here’s her webpage.

Photo from ACES Charity. Thanks to Jewart & JC for this report.


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