Teresa Town Opposes Morong Landfill

19 May

from Philippine Daily Inquirer
May 19, 2008

MANILA, Philippines — The town of Teresa, Rizal has expressed opposition to the sanitary landfill under construction in Morong, Rizal near the town’s border, saying it undermines Teresa’s solid waste management efforts.

Marlon Pielago, Teresa’s environment and natural officer, expressed fears that the 10-hectare landfill right next to the town would erode the town’s gains in reducing the residents’ wastes.

Pielago warned of dump trucks passing through Teresa’s roads, contributing to air and noise pollution during the landfill’s operation.

“We are concerned about the safety of the residents and the foul odors,” he said.

At just 500 meters from the town, Pielago said the landfill was “too close to Teresa,” which gained accolades for its effective recycling program for its zero-waste goal. Pielago said the landfill would not only pose a health risk to residents but would also undermine the “green” values the town wanted the youngsters to imbibe.

He said Morong should built its landfill far from Teresa.

complete article here.


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