RSG No.77 Frankly Speaking

22 Jun

Typhoon Frank and the Sulpicio Lines “MV Princess” Tragedy

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Episode 77 @ 128 kbps (broadband)

Show Notes
maririnig ninyo ang ulan/bagyo

live tayo sa bagyo, malakas ang ulan at hanging, nagkakalabugan ang bubong,
kararating lamang ng bagyo, Visayas, Southern Luzon, Metro Manila, Rizal,

naglaba at nagsampay si Matabuak, hindi alam na mag bagyo, dapat ay nakikinig ng balita,
stress signal ng barko, Sulpicio Lines, capsized, marami yatang namatay, Romblon, bakit sumalunga pa ang barko na ito ay mag bagyo, lagi ng may lumulubog, hindi convinient, sapalaran na lamang natin, pira rin ito, may mga kapit sa gobyerno ang mga operators ng transportation

walang nananagot, nakukulong sa mga tragedy, sila ang finnancers ng mga politicians, mag kukumpare, magkakaibigan, kumpare system, culture na ng Filipino, nakakadismaya, 700 feared dead, hopefully ay maraming nag survive, bakit lumalakar pa kung may rarating na typhoon, greedy ang mga operators, banat, sige, pami pamilya,

ang tanung ay 700 ba lamang ang pasahero, hmmmm, malaki ang kita kung maraming sakay, marami rin ang puedeng mamatay, siksikan sa barko, laging puno, capacity ng barko ay mas marami pa over ang lamang passengers,

kawawang mga pasahero, sana kaunti lamang ang namatay, PAGASA weather prediction, nakikinig ba ang Sulpicio sa weather forecast?,

madali kaming mag blame, napag uusapan po lamang, rumungaw, kalskas ng ulan ay hagupit ng hangin, lagaslas ng tubig, live sa binabagyung Pilipinas…

Isang Fado


3 Responses to “RSG No.77 Frankly Speaking”

  1. LoDef TV Vallejo June 22, 2008 at 4:54 pm #

    right on…. sinabon no Arroyo ang Coast Guard chief:::Arroyo blows top at Coast Guard chief, Philippine StarMANILA, Philippines — Even while on speakerphone from the United States, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s infamous temper flared up again on Sunday, during a meeting of the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) on the effects of typhoon “Frank” (international codename: Fengshen).The President raised her voice as she was asking Coast Guard chief Vice Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo over why the M/V Princess of the Star was allowed to leave Manila port despite storm warning.The ferry capsized off Sibuyan Island while carrying over 700 passengers and crew.The President and Tamayo apparently could not understand each other.Arroyo thought all ships were grounded after a warning was issued.Tamayo tried to explain that the warning issued before the inter-island vessel left Friday evening only covered small vessels.But the President apparently did not immediately understand this and kept badgering Tamayo when the warning was issued.A rattled Tamayo took a while to explain again to the President that the ship’s size allowed it to sail.When she got Tamayo’s point, Arroyo told the Coast Guard chief that the warning systems needed revising.To which, Tamayo replied: “We’ll do that ma’am.”Towards the end of the dressing-down, the media were escorted out of the defense department conference room, where the meeting was held

  2. Niknik and Niknok Matinik June 23, 2008 at 2:58 am #

    Typhoon struck the Philippines again as it is expected to do every year. But, it seems that we Pinoys never learn our lessons…we are as complacent as ever and our consciousness as usual are far from considering our safety and other people’s safety. We always welcome destruction with open arms. Unfortunately, yes, this is what most of us Pinoys are…It is true that we have been unfortunate to be in a country which is often hit by typhoons. But, should we always wait for something bad to happen before we do some real preventive actions. M/V Princess of Stars would not have capsized if we practiced extra precaution…Hundreds of people’s lives would not have been shed if in the first place our very own Philippine Coastguard did not allow them to travel aside from giving them the necessary warning. Same thing, lives would not have been destroyed if Sulpicio Lines did not allow its ferry to travel despite the possibility that typhoon Frank will be heading northeast of the Philippines. This is because there was also the very big possibility that it could be headed northwest. So, the unexpected happened. Frank went westward. Very sadly, the only thing we can do now is reconcile the facts and collect the missing bodies of hundreds of these poor Pinoys. Litigation may take place, damages can be paid for but the lives of those poor Pinoys can no longer be brought back. I guess we never learn our lessons…How pathetic can we be Pinoys? – Niknik

  3. Adolfo July 9, 2008 at 1:21 am #

    Dear Nik2,I agree with you 100% from the beginning of your post msg to the very end. We could always blame ourselves, in this case, “themselves” over there because “they” always take for granted things where lives depend. For one thing I think (am not sure) we do not have OSHA inspection there. As long as passengers could stand shoulder2shoulders the boat will still sail. And the safety inspectors (not the Coast Guard) either looked the otherway with their open palms, or the CG just did a run-through. How could we remedy or control this? Nungca my dear. It’s been there since I was born 73 years ago and will always be there – the prententiousness, taking for grantedness, the ingrained “bahala na” system, and then boom! The boat capsized and lives were lost. Yes, they should bring to court or justice (if there is) the owners and board of directors of the shipping lines. Otherwise, if they are on the political cycle let’s 4get the whole thing.Yes, we never learn our lessons, or if we did we didn’t learn it well. It happens all the time even during calm weather especially on Christmas and other holidays. What a way to rake in money to the expense of lives – this I call blood money and I hope whoever has to answer for this gets a BIG KARMA, a really BIG RED KARMA stained in their lives!ACopo

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