Balitang Tulay sa Morong

15 Aug

Ika 11 ng Agosto 2009
by A.C.

Tag-ulan na naman and my daily morning walk is becoming exciting every day. With slight ambon the walk from town to Bombongan gives one a nice sweat and a shower too! I remember the old kabataan days when we would take shower when it is raining, storms or not. The every day walk gives me the creeps sometime when I pass by some old houses – bintanas shut, and appears like no life activities inside. In one street alone I counted 11 houses. Talked with some neighbors and told me, “Nasa states na po, at ang iba nasa Middle east, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Canada, and other countries. Palau? Yes! They were recruited by the one-time-famous-medicine-drink (still famous?) – NONI.

Where there are sorry-abandoned or empty houses there are also mansions. You read it right – mansions, as in, big house, wide driveway, full (lago) glass windows, and security iron grills aircon boxes. (Wonder why they don’t install central ac? One guy said, “magastos po”.) A mansion with no central air? About to be finished is a new one short meters from the junction of National road and F San Miguel Blvd (Butig station). Few meters away from her place is the long-been-building Church of???. Now a roof pointing to heaven is forming. Across that as y’all already know is the PRISM a two-building school. Way down half of the Blvd there is another drive way being built crossing the palayan. Bet ya a house will soon follow. And further down left side is the new chapel of Kambaste religious sect. That long road to Bombongan is still the fave of the joggers, walkers, and ehem – daters.

I observed that some of beautiful cement/white-painted-bench of years ago are gone or are broken. A kumpare’s memorial bench for their daughter still remains in the original place just across the Kambaste chapel. Personally speaking it is easy to give money to build a bench but there is no budget for maintenance from the munisipyo according to someone I spoke to. Kaya pag babalikMorong ng may mga benches – check at pinturahan ulit.

The two welcome baluwartes are a good sight no question, but, looks like few maintenance is now necessary, especially at the bases where (maybe) carabaos scratched their sides or cleaned their sungay. The yellowish color around the bases are youknowhat even with a sign near them – “Bawal ang _ _ _ _. Aso Ba Kayo?” Well, maybe they are the two-legged dogs.


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