National Artist group honors Francisco Feliciano, three others.

15 Sep

Morong native, Francisco F. Feliciano was honored recently by The Filipino Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers.

Feliciano was born in Morong, Rizal, in 1941. He is a composer and conductor, highly regarded for his liturgical works, for he has long been associated with the Asian Institute for Liturgy Music. His music is avant-garde and modern, and he has written choral works, music for orchestra and ballet, and chamber music.

Two of his compositions – Salimbayan for Wood Quartet and the choral “Pokpok Alimpako” – have won awards in international competitions in Germany and Italy.

“Later he became avant-garde and insular but his choral ‘Pamugon’ can stand for all time,” opined Robledo.

These three are in their senior years and have impressive bodies of works. All are National Artist material, but perhaps they have no clout with the powers-that-be?

source: Philippine Daily Inquirer; 9/8/09
full article


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