Appeal for Help from San Guillermo Community -Northern California

28 Sep

September 28, 2009


The recent news of massive floods caused by Tropical Storm Ketsana (known as Ondoy) in the Metro Manila and surrounding areas are devastating: full of chaos, fear and tragedy. Millions are affected – homes ruined, precious belongings damaged, lives lost, and the traumatic impact to human survival for those who managed to survive.

Our hometown of San Guilmo has been affected –families displaced out of their homes, crops massively affected for consumption and farmer incomes, houses ruined, and families making sense of this unpredictable and uncontrollable force of nature.

For many of us here in the US, we have our bare necessities: shelter, food and clothing. Many in our hometown of San Guilmo have lost those precious and necessary life commodities.

This is a critical time to turn inward and seek out YOUR generous and helping spirit. Let us look at our own environments and our wallets and consider a kind gesture to those afflicted by the terrible storms. Let us help our fellow kababayan in San Guilmo: THEY NEED HELP!

There are different ways to express your help:

1) Send money – I will be collecting money and sending directly to the San Isidro Labrador Church. I will communicate with Father Rene Silgas about how funds will assist those in need. Please send your cash or check to:

c/o Laarni San Juan

2) Pack a balikbayan box with your used clothing, toys, food, goods. You can send it through a local cargo service (this is gives you reason to clean out your closets and your children’s toyboxes). Please start soon because it may take awhile to arrive in the Philippines.

My family and I will be packing boxes to send over. If you have questions or would like to donate goods for a box, call me directly (415) 608-9979.

This is a critical moment to stop what you are doing and consider what this worldly devastation means. Do what you would want for others to do if you were in this situation. There are a number of graphic photos and videos online to witness what this ugly force of nature has done to our communities. No one, rich or poor, is immune to this kind of earthly force.

All control and power is lost during these devastating forces of nature – let us do what we can to help others, not only materially, but also to instill a sense of hope.

In prayer and support,
Laarni San Juan
San Guillermo Community – Northern CA
2009 – 2010


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