SGA’s Operation Helping Hand

2 Oct

Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 13:30:53 -0700

Mga kababayan:

San Guillermo Association in Southern California is a non-profit organization strongly committed in helping the less fortunate. We are asking for your voluntary pledges/donations to help our kababayans that were severely affected by tropical typhoon, Ondoy.

I received several calls from Mrs. Lita Buenaventura, who is supposedly vacationing in P.I., but instead, together with the Barangay Captain, she is actively assessing the damages caused by Ondoy and devoting her time in helping our kababayans. She related to me that our folks badly needed basic necessities. The flood almost reach the national road of San Guillermo. People residing in Tabing-Ilog and in Tambongco have lost everything that they have worked for in decades and most of all… four members of a family died because of Ondoy. While we are on our cellular phones, both of us became emotional and we burst into tears because we’re both devastated by what had happened to our kababayans. Can we do something to help them? Can we give them hope and inspiration and encourage them that there is light at the very end of the tunnel? Shall we?

The need is so great…the stake is so high…images of human sufferings caused by Ondoy are extremely difficult to watch… so please join us and help us disseminate this effort.

Please send your badly needed pledges/donations to addresses mentioned below and rest assured that every single penny of your hard-earned contributions will reach those kababayans of ours that are severely affected by Ondoy.

1. Mc Sonny Francisco, 430 Parkman Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026 Mobile: 213.280.9930
2. Manolo San Luis, 15418 S. Catalina Avenue, Gardena, CA 90247 Mobile: 310.352.4089
4. Raciel Picones, 3428 W. Bellevue BLVD, Los Angeles, CA 90026 Mobile: 213.595.4937
5. Teddy Piniones, 2231 Duvall Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031 Mobile: 323.868.5784
6. Mildred Zozulenko, 13340 Bracken Avenue, Arleta, CA 91331 Mobile: 213.219.1241
7. Billie Mae Pilipina, 210 S. Commonwealth Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026 Mobile: 213.925.1897
8. Lalaine San Marcos, 1140 Ashton Avenue, Santa Maria, CA 93458 Mobile: 805.614.4995
9. Zeny Francisco, 3721 Terrace Drive, Oxnard, CA 93033 Mobile: 805.822.8929

Maraming salamat po!

P.S.: It was mentioned on the news this morning that another tropical super typhoon, Pepeng, is about to hit the province of Rizal, so please include our kababayans in your prayers. I hope they can overcome! May God bless us all!

Very respectfully,

Butch E. Francisco


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