M. Manila waste unwelcome in San Guillermo dumpsite

12 Jan

by Gigi Munoz David, Manila Standard

Not in my backyard.

A contractor wants Metro Manila garbage dumped in Morong, Rizal but a local leader vows to block the plan.

Former Morong Mayor Jorge Bernardo said the Morong Engineered Sanitary Landfill built and operated by Basic Environment Systems and Technologies Inc. was paving the way to host solid waste from outside the province despite a measure extending the use only to the towns of Teresa, Baras and Cardona.

On Dec. 4, 2005, the Morong’s council authorized the mayor to establish a waste disposal facility.

Bernardo said BEST won the contract and went on to rehabilitate the old dump located in Taghangin for P5 million with no cost to the town.

A 2008 resolution established the MESL in San Guillermo village to serve Morong’s cluster of neighboring towns.

“Even before the actual operation in December 2008, the dump was already being utilized, without pertinent documents,” said Bernardo, adding the dump officially opened early 2009.

He claimed that BEST had written the provincial government to open the landfill for Metro Manila garbage.

“That was not the original plan, up to now tax ordinance has been presented,” Bernardo said, noting that neither Morong nor BEST hand shown a collection fee and share schemes indicating what the town should gain from the project.

“There has to be a tax ordinance first before operation begins.”

Observers said dumping in Morong would mean savings for BEST which, in its deal with Pasig City, should be using the 19-hectare provincial dump in Rodriguez.

Alternatively, there is also the new 19-hectare San Mateo Sanitary Landfill designed for metropolitan solid waste in case Morong becomes unavailable because of public clamor.


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