One of SF Police Dept.’s Best is from Morong

3 Mar

sent by Normita, Morong Community

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 09:34:13 -0800
Subject: One of SF Police Dept.’s Best is from Morong

Mga Kababayan:

I am pleased to share the news article about the officers of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) who travelled to the Philippines as representatives in the annual Philippine Exchange Training Program (PETP) in cooperation with Philippine National Police.  These officers share their knowledge with their fellow Filipino police officers in the Philippines in the many aspects of police work.  Please join me in congratulating these police officers for having been selected in this exchange program.

It is also gratifying that this year my nephew, Francis Feliciano, son of my brother Amel, who is an officer with SFPD was among those selected to participate.  Francis is a graduate of the San Francisco Police Academy and has been an officer with SFPD for almost three (3) years.  Let us thank Francis and his fellow brave police officers  for their dedication to keep our neighborhoods safe and for their service to the community.

Thank you for reading the article below and a video of the interview with Francis and his colleagues.

Jan 22, 04:18 PM

SAN FRANCISCO – For Glenn Sylvester, visiting her mother’s native Philippines in January is an annual pilgrimage he has not missed the last four years. A Filipino-American, the stocky, smiling officer of the San Francisco Police Department, who enjoys the everyday ‘lutong bahay’ (home-cooked food) of his Filipina wife, is a participant in the annual exchange training program with the Philippine National Police.

“It is always a proud experience to share with our comrades in the Philippines what we know, and at the same time learn some valuable lessons from them also,” said Glenn, whose mother hails from Rosales, Pangasinan. His American father (deceased), on the other hand, was a serviceman stationed at the West Indies. “But above all, it’s the wonderful people of the Philippines …. my kababayan …. that get me visiting every year since 2006.”

Waxing nostalgia, on the other hand, Officer Francis Feliciano, who has logged two years with SFPD, told FilAm Star he will certainly find time during the visit to reminisce his childhood days in Morong (Rizal) where he was born. He came to the United States when he was eight, and has gone back to the Philippines only once.

“That was in 1987,” Feliciano said, in fluent Tagalog. “So besides the excitement of a homecoming, I am very proud to be part of this team that will share with Filipino police both learning and teaching opportunities.”

According to SFPD’s Lt. Eric Quema, who leads the visiting group that left San Francisco on Wednesday, Jan. 20, this year’s exchange training with the PNP will cover some new ground, including transit security and crime scene investigation, to add to updates and new developments in terrorism awareness, industrial security, and tactical skills.

“This is why for the first time in the 10-year history of this program, “Quema pointed out, “we have opened up participation to other law enforcement agencies like Bart Police, the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, and even the District Attorney’s Office — which fielded Jim Crisolo, chief of its Investigation Division.”

Quema hastened to add that Crisolo is the first Filipino to be appointed to the position, making him the highest-ranking DA official of Filipino ancestry in San Francisco.

Thus far, this year’s delegation is the biggest contingent ever to visit the Philippines.

At the pre-departure luncheon reception for the 13-member delegation (25, to include spouses and children) held at the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco on Tuesday, Jan. 12, host Consul General Marciano Paynor Jr. underscored the importance of the yearly exchange training mission.

“This annual event not only fosters better understanding between SFPD and PNP, but also enhances the relationship between Filipino-Americans and our kababayan in the homeland,” Paynor said, adding that the spirit of, and zest for, volunteerism among Fil-Am SFPD officers has always impressed him.

Paynor noted that the officers, belonging to the Filipino-American Law Enforcement Officers Association of the Bay Area, are among the first to come out in support of community charities and fundraisers.

He also pointed out that the officers, many of them traveling with their wives, volunteer both their time and, during these recessionary times, the limited resources they have saved up.

“Each one of us is paying our own way,” Quema said, “and for those who are bringing their wives and children, the money involved is substantial, but everyone’s just happy to be part of the cooperation with our colleagues in the Philippines.”

For the first time, too, this working visit of SFPD officers will take them to schools in Metro Manila and Silang, Cavite where they are scheduled to give presentations to kids about peer pressure, gangs, and drugs, among other topics.

As in the past, the delegation is being flown by flag carrier Philippine Airlines, while flight booking was handled by Lucky Tours of San Francisco.
Video of interview


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