To Live and Thrive in Morong

4 Mar

Submitted by Spirit 2009

Changes big and small have elevated Morong, enough so that any talk about the possibility of being a Capital is more than just a dream (sana nga), or maybe a “bangungot Morong” (dead dream) that seems impossible to happen as long as the “Y” runs the whole province. Logic dictates that the governor’s home town regardless of its ranking (economic-wise) is the “chosen” one.

Where is Morong going then? The town is seat of education Eastern side of Manila, home of the provincial hospital, third-rank in
politics-based iskrutinyo, 4th in economic income (based from Munisipyo’s record) even with the garbage-supported-tax and some
income from the off-again-on-again recycle plant backdoors of Butig, and population-wise including land area bigger than the gov’s town, and why is the town in a quagmire 3rd class municipality?

Economic changes have infused the town’s treasury according to a councilor who was guest at the podcast and
announced that Morong’s treasury is not full. Then he retracted and said he didn’t say that the town’s treasury has money. And now he is running for re-election?

Small changes come in migration of Manila and suburbs’ squatters to the nooks and crannies of Morong outlying places – Butig and Balante Westside are now pockmarked with hallow block-based houses that years ago were stilt-houses. Around the bend where our mystifying three-puno-ng-mangga at Taghangin was, now is a thriving small barrio with a nursery and small chapel to boot.  The people there are the new pioneers of the land owned by Moronguenyos. Where they used to watch and care for the homestead, now they illegally owned where they placed their stakes. The outskirts of Lagundi started to extend to the boundary of Baras. Years back a mayor bravely confronted the would-be squatters – pulled down the makeshift posts and thrashed the houses. That mayor is gone and the squatters are back!

Big change in the voting population that makes huge difference in election with the addition of the istrangeros who are now bona fide mamayan ng Morong. No wonder the municipal officials are holding on them for support, with the blessing of the “Y” people.

To live and thrive in our town we have to make a move to make Morong what it used to be. We can not do it ourselves here. Most of our professionals and intellectuals are abroad and our hands are tied. We can only do little things without their support. Those little things mean a lot to our town.

It is a pity that when kababayan comes and visits, the inner Morong where original Morong-born live and thrive on the same economic woes, are not seen. Or see them only when passing by during their morning walks. Can’t blame them. Two weeks is not enough to be Moronguenyos again. It takes time to see Morong through and through.

This coming election will measure (again) whether or not living in Morong is worth it. Maybe. Thriving? This is the big question
considering that some of our lots are now under “new management” so to speak. Vote very wisely. Vote with Morong in your heart and soul, not with your hand nakakura.

To those on the list unexpectedly, our apologies po. Salamat po.  Concerned mga tiga Morong po rini.


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