San Guillermo Fiesta USA

8 Apr

Our FIESTA is almost here – the officers of San Guillermo Community of Northern CA hope that you are making plans to attend our festive fiesta celebration on Sunday, May 30 in honor of our patron saint, San Isidro Labrador.

This is a special time to be together and celebrate our San Guilmo pride. Our long-held tradition of our fiestas is important for ALL of us to uphold – these celebrations are an opportunity to embrace our cultural roots, indulge in its richness, and pass on the gifts to our children. It is only from our first-hand experience and knowledge that we can genuinely share what is important and grow from the lessons learned.

Please join me and the officers in being part of our big FIESTA! It is just a month away – we are busy preparing for the special occasion and we hope that you consider the remaining fundraising efforts (family collection, ad space in fiesta brochure and casino trip) which are all needed to make a successful event.

See you in May,

Laarni San Juan
2009 – 2010


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