TCMC Nursing passing rate doubles national average

29 Aug

Email from F SM Angeles, Jr. []

Phenomenal – 94.11% passing rate for New TCMC Nursing graduates!  16 out of 17 examinees.  Much earlier, some faculty members of Nursing told me that they were expecting a hundred per cent passing rate (Braggarts, ha, ha, ha)  The National passing Average BTW, is usually from 35 to 44 per cent.  We have a festive air here today although two or three staff were a bit sad about the misssed opportunity – that we did not achieve a 100 percent.  This class of 2010 is really good – the best we have had. this was our chance for a perfect score in Nursing.  Two years ago, in another field, one accounting graduate took the CPA exam and passed – 100 percent!

The PRC (Professional Regulations Commission) now releases results in two categories – First timers and Repeaters.

There were also three “passers” out of four (or five) repeaters. We still have to see the official figures about the repeaters. Baka mayroon pang iba.  —FSMA

More on TCMC:

Tomas Claudio Memorial College – official website

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